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🥤 spezi & cola

·4 mins

A completely subjective test of different Spezi and Cola brands that I got my hands on. Let me now if one is missing!

Ratings #

Sweetness describes the taste and how sweet it tastes, how much sugar is noticeable and how sticky is the drink without directly refering the amount of sugar in the drink - 2.5 out of 5 is my personal fav here.

Fruityness describes how much fruit you can taste. 3 to 4 out of 5 would be perfect for me in a Spezi.

A Syntetic taste sometimes occours in different types and oftes is a bit bitter. Less is better.

Depending on the type and also how it’s delivered, Fizz, which means how carbonated (carbon dioxide) the drink is, does vary a lot. For me about 3 to 4 would be best.

Last but not least, Sugar is refering directly to the amount of sugar per 100ml and is recalculated to a scale of 1 to 5 while 1 being the drink with least sugar and 5 being the drink with most sugar in it.

Spezi Map #

Cola Map #

Confirmed Missing #

List of Cola and Spezi that is already known to be missing. Some of them might be not available to me (yet), others are still in the pipeline.

If you have access to one of the unavailable ones or know some that are missing from the list let me know!

Spezi #

Name Status Source
Big Cola Mix In Progress Edeka
Rapp Spezi Unavailable Rapp
Vita Cola Mix Unavailable

Cola #

Name Status Source
Big Cola In Progress Edeka
Coca-Cola Life Unavailable
Coca-Cola Light Unavailable
Freeway Cola Light In Progress Lidl
Green Cola Unavailable
Isis Bio Fresh Cola Unavailable
K-Classic Cola Unavailable Kaufland
Penny Cola In Progress Penny
Penny Cola Stevia In Progress Penny
Premium Cola Unavailable Liebick Getränke Germering ?
River Cola Unavailable Aldi Nord
River Cola 0% Zucker Unavailable Aldi Nord
Royal Crown Cola Unavailable
Star Drink Cola Unavailable Netto Marken-Discount
Star Drink Cola Light Unavailable Netto Marken-Discount
Topstar Cola In Progress Aldi Sued
Topstar Cola Light In Progress Aldi Sued
Ubuntu Cola Unavailable
Vita Cola Pur Unavailable

Changelog #

  • 05.11.22

    • added Eizbach Cryztal Cola
    • added Penny Cola
    • added afri cola ohne zucker
    • added Gut und günstig Cola Zero
    • added Gut und günstig Cola light
    • added fritz kola super zero
    • added Vita Cola Original zuckerfrei
    • added sunfit Cola Mix
    • added Pöllinger Cola Mix
    • added Kuchlbauer Cola~Mix
    • added Landbrauerei Cola-Mix
    • added Bad Brambacher Cola Mix
    • added Hoellen Sprudel Cubana
    • added Almdudler Spezi
    • added deit zuckerfrei Cola Mix
    • added XXL Limonade Cola Mix
  • 10.06.22

    • added Land L!mo - Thanks Marvin!
    • added Frische Mische - Thanks Marvin!
    • added Kuchlbauer Cola~Mix - Thanks Juliane!
    • added Pöllinger Cola Mix - Thanks Juliane!
    • added Landbrauerei Cola-Mix - Thanks Juliane!
  • 23.04.22

    • added Gluggerla Cola-Mix
    • added Nawinta Cola-Mix
    • added Günni’s Cola-Mix
    • added afri cola ohne zucker - Thanks Jochen!
    • added now black cola
    • added Jarritos Mexican Cola
    • added Fentimans Curiosity Cola
  • 09.04.22

    • added Adelholzener Cola Mix
    • added Maisacher Cola-Mix
    • added Paul Anderl’s Schwupp Cola-Mix
    • added Petrusquelle Cola-Mix
    • added Gut und günstig Cola Mix
    • added ja! Cola-Mix
    • updated sugar normalization from min 6.8 / max 11 to min 2.3 / max 12
  • 03.04.22

    • added Paulaner Spezi Zero
  • 20.03.22

    • added Eichbaum Braumeisters Cola-Mix - Thanks Jochen!
    • added alwa Limo Cola-Mix - Thanks Jochen!
    • added Teinacher Genuss Cola-Mix - Thanks Jochen!
    • added Ensinger Cola-Mix Limonade - Thanks Jochen!
  • 19.03.22

    • added Mezzo Mix zero
    • added Freeway Mixx Max
    • added Freeway Cola Zero
    • changed Community Cola Zuckerfrei rating from 3 to 4
  • 18.03.22

    • added Auer Cola Mix - Thanks Joshi!
    • added Paul Anderl Cola-Mix
  • 13.03.22

    • added ja! Cola
    • added Freeway Cola
    • added Springe Cola - Thanks Patrick!
    • added Club Cola - Thanks Patrick!
    • added Vita Cola - Thanks Patrick!
  • 06.03.22

    • added Mio Mio Cola Zero
    • added Coca Cola Zero
    • added Coca Cola Zero koffeinfrei
    • added Pepsi Max
    • added Pepsi Light
    • added Dr. Pepper Zero
  • 25.02.22

    • added Gut & Günstig Cola
    • added Döner Cola
    • added The Real Cola by Booster
    • added adfri cola