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Printer of Catan #1

·3 mins

Filament 1

I recently stumbled over the Catan style boardgame 2.0 from Dakanzla and thought it would be nice to print my own version of it.

Doing this I noticed how hard it was to collect all information, find the right models for the version I wanted and finally printing it. Therefore I am writing this post helping others to create their version of Catan.

This is an ongoing series of posts during the building/printing of the game and is likely to change. While new blog posts will cover the process I’ll keep the specs in this post up to date when I change a color or similiar.

The Basics #

Catan consists of a base game which is extendable from four up to six players. In addition there are several game extentions which are made for four players and also have six player extensions. There will be a seperate blog post about the extensions once I finished them, until then, everything mentioned here is for the base game only.

The Parts #

The biggest difference is that Catan is shipped with a frame and the printed version uses tiles only. Therefore you need to add more water than you would with the paper frame. All other resources can be taken 1:1 from the original game. The following gives you a quick overview:

Type Base Game 6 Player Extension Total
Brick 3 2 5
Desert 1 1 2
Ore 3 2 5
Wheat 4 2 6
Wood 4 2 6
Wool 4 2 6
Water 9 4 13
Harbor 9 - 9
Robber 1 - 1
Road 4 x 15 2 x 15 6 x 15
City 4 x 4 2 x 4 6 x 4
Settlement 4 x 5 2 x 5 6 x 5
Crossing 4 x 10 2 x 10 6 x 10

The Colors #

Let’s start with the most difficult part: colors. Generally you need to find the colors that fit your needs most. You can simply print all tiles in the same color and then paint them all the way you want if you are into that. Personally I am not that used into painting stuff so I took another approach: I picked base colors where I though they would fit the resource most and then only paint the highlights.

But unfortunately it is not that easy to pick the right colors from pictures on the internet, so this was quite a journey.

How it started

Filament 1

How it’s going

Filament 2

Tiles #

At the moment I use the following colors for the tiles:

Type Inner Color Outer Color
Brick EuMakers Orange Brick EuMakers Orange Brick
Desert Fillamentum Mukha Fillamentum Mukha
Ore Extrudr Anthracite Extrudr Anthracite
Wheat Eumakers Tangerine Orange Eumakers Tangerine Orange
Wood 3dJake Green Extrudr Brown
Wool Eumakers Pastel Green Extrudr White
Water Eumakers Blue / Extrudr Blue Eumakers Blue / Extrudr Blue

Player #

For the playes I tried to pick colors which are not similiar to the ones I used for the normal game tiles. In a later iteration I switched the outer border of whool to white, therefore I’ll see if I have to switch the white player color.

Filament 2

Player Color
1 Extrudr White
2 Extrudr Black
3 Extrudr Hellfire Red
4 Extrudr Turquoise
5 Fillamentum Lilac
6 Fillamentum Orange Orange